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IRELAND – Immigrant Investor & Start-Up Entrepreneur Programmes


First established in 2012, the Government of Ireland created the Immigrant Investor Programmed (IIP) and Start-Up Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) to stimulate investment in the country and to attract talented business professionals and investors with proven track records to Ireland.

Program Simplicity:

- Quick processing (4-10 months)

- Simple documentation

- One-step application process


- Education in an all-English environment

- Free education up to secondary school

- Tuition is free for citizens of Ireland, and is reduced by 50% – 70%, depending on the course of study, for those who have resided in Ireland for three years

- Ireland is home to some of the world’s finest boarding schools and universities


Eligible for Irish citizenship after five years, giving you visa-free access to over 170 countries


- Top 5 ranked country to do business in (by Forbes magazine)

- Fastest growing GDP in the EU (2014 & 2015)

- Favourable tax policies

- No tax on worldwide income for non-residents

Immigration Investor Programme (IIP)

Programme highlights include:

- €500,000 three-year investment (not including administration fees)

- Applicant must demonstrate a legally-acquired net worth of €2,000,000

- Residency requirement of one day per year

- Spouse and dependent children aged 24 and younger can be included

Start-Up Entrepreneur Programme (STEP)

Programme highlights include:

- €250,000 one-time contribution from the applicant, including investment and administration fees

- Guaranteed minimum salary of five years

- No minimum net worth requirement

- Part time management involvement

- Spouse and dependent children under the age of 18 can be included